Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

If you were charged with a crime, or if you have become aware that you are under investigation for one, it is advisable to hire an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Early intervention on the part of your attorney will allow him to take control of the case from the onset. He will be in a position to communicate with prosecutors and police and to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation of the evidence. In some cases, early intervention has resulted in dismissals, reduced charges and other favorable outcomes. Attorney Patrick Bramblett has more than 23 years of experience representing clients charged with serious felonies and misdemeanors.
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Family Law

When you are facing a family law case, you need the services of a skilled and compassionate family law attorney. Attorney Patrick Bramblett, P.C., has helped numerous families in the greater El Paso area work through their complicated legal issues. Whether you are dealing with the sobering realities of divorce and separation or or have a complex child custody battle ahead of you, Attorney Patrick Bramblett, P.C., will help guide you through the process and help protect your rights and best interests.
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